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City of Racine Municipal Judge

I am honored to have served as the City of Racine Municipal Judge. Above all, I am proud of what we were able to accomplish. However, while I was serving as a part-time judge, my Racine law practice was also growing substantially.

As a result, I have decided to step down from the bench. This was not an easy decision to make. My decision, in part, was to be able to focus more on my law practice and provide our clients with exceptional estate planning and probate services.

https://journaltimes.com/…/article_32c2e4ca-592f-5f48-9844-… Via The Journal Times – Racine, WI

Attorney Mason specializes in estate planning, administration, guardianship’s, and small business advising. Above all, She provides excellent legal representation with a focus on compassion.

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Thank you. SE Wisconsin

Today marks the first day of the seventh year for Rebecca Mason Law. We want to take this milestone opportunity to say thank you. We are honored to be able to provide top-quality legal representation for southeastern Wisconsin and all of our clients.

My team and I get to work through some pretty tough times side by side with our clients. As we draft your estate plans, administer probates for loved ones, families have recently lost, and help you take care of your loved ones through guardianships.

Our office has some of the most amazing clients in the world who make this the best job ever. And for that, we just want to say Thank you!

I Met with a client today and we discussed the impending death of her mom. I was reminded of how fleeting life can be. And how amazing it is that I have the opportunity to walk this difficult walk with my clients. Thank you for sharing your stories about your loved ones. Thank you for sharing your tears. And being OK with being vulnerable. Thank you for sharing a little bit of yourselves with me. Because of you, this is the best job ever.

Rebecca Mason 8/25/2017