From all of us at Rebecca Mason Law – Happy New Year 2022!!

We begin 2022 with the common hope shared by many of our clients, staff, friends, and community that 2022 brings with it, an end to the pandemic. We remain hopeful for a safe and fulfilling return to our daily activities. When that finally occurs, we will likely find ourselves amidst a new “normal” with new ways of working, playing, and spending time with our families. For most, our goals and resolutions for the new year will be influenced by this new normal. 

That being said, the events of the past year have also been a strong reminder of the importance of having an estate plan. Your estate plan needs to reflect your current wishes, and also take into consideration your current life circumstances and the current applicable laws. Accordingly, pandemic or post-pandemic, we encourage you to keep on your annual “to-do” list (or add to your list), the goal of reviewing/creating your estate and life care planning in 2022.

Should you or someone you know wish to meet with us to review or create an estate and life care plan, please do not hesitate to contact our office for additional information and schedule an appointment with us.

Our very best wishes to all for a healthy, safe, and happy new year filled with JOY & HOPE!